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The G0BSX 2400 bps TNC Modem Project

---TNC Modems
------*2400 bps modem*

Traditional VHF packet radio operations are at 1200 bps. Higher speed modems are in existence but many of the high speed modems requ ire digging into rigs and bypassing circuitry for older radios. This little modem was conceived to use minimum shift keying 1200/2400 Hz to fit in the n ormal FM bandwidth of an unmodified VHF radio. This modem was built for my own interest and for linking from my nodes and BBS to neighbours. Due to interest fro m others the small PCBs were made available at cost. About 70 of these were built and used in several parts of the UK packet radio network.

The full documentation for this modem is supplied in an 88k pdf file.

Copyright 2003, G0BSX, Sheffield, UK.